About us

In the summer of 2018, five individuals were asked to meet at a recording studio in Las Vegas, NV to form a temporary group that would serve as an opening act for a well known talent in the gospel music industry. Due to circumstances beyond their control, one member had to leave the group. Just when the remaining members were wondering how they should proceed, a new member was introduced. And then another. Shortly thereafter, they ministered in song as ‘1 Accord’ for the very first time. 

Each of 1 Accord’s members were born into musical families. A few have remained active serving in the music ministry throughout the years, while others had taken a break. But as God would see fit, what was meant to be a temporary arrangement became permanent. The chemistry between 1 Accord is unparalleled and they are honored to embark on this journey of being a blessing in the world.

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Just Hanging Out

From the very beginning, it all was so easy. We just bonded!

The studio

More Than A Friend

Regardless of our friendship or family relations, we’ve got a friend that sticks closer than any brother. He keeps us grounded.

A Joy That Overcomes

Like any attitude or feeling, happiness can come and go. Despite any challenges 1 Accord may encounter, their love of God brings a sense of joy that is undeniable.

Meet 1 Accord!

This group has 5 unique individuals. Can you identify a key personality trait of each member based on their photos? 

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